Redefining Elegance: BAÉ x Adidas Riga Showcase Innovative Street Styles at Riga Fashion Week

Redefining Elegance: BAÉ x Adidas Riga Showcase Innovative Street Styles at Riga Fashion Week

At BAÉ Special Moments, we are always looking to push the boundaries of fashion, and this year's Riga Fashion Week was a testament to our commitment to innovation and collaboration. Partnering with Adidas Riga, we embarked on a thrilling journey to blend street style with timeless elegance, under the expert guidance of the brilliant stylist Sintija Selicka. 


The runway was our canvas, where we painted a picture of sophistication met with urban flair. Our collaboration with Adidas allowed us to explore the interplay between sporty dynamism and refined grace, creating outfits that are not only eye-catching but are versatile enough for both high-end events and casual street wear. 


The event kicked off with an evocative intro video by Ekaterina Piskunova, setting the emotional tone for what was to become a parade of pioneering fashion. Complemented by the immersive beats curated by @leskovsky, the atmosphere was electric, pulsating with the energy of new-age fashion. 


Sintija Selicka's vision was instrumental in this endeavor. She brilliantly curated a mix of rugged street elements and sleek elegance, forging designs that break away from convention. The collection emphasized that style doesn't have to sacrifice comfort, and that fashion is an ever-evolving dialogue about personal identity and self-expression. 


We owe a heartfelt thank you to the Adidas Riga team for their unwavering support and shared vision. Their influence was evident in every piece that walked down the runway. Also, a special mention to GABI apavu veikali for outfitting our models in exquisite footwear that perfectly complemented their ensembles, and to Egle Deco for enriching our venue with stunning, nature-inspired floral arrangements. As well as marks.objects for capturing moments and outfits beautifully. 


This collaboration was more than just a fashion show; it was a celebration of what happens when creative minds come together. It highlighted the strength of our teamwork with the Riga Fashion Week crew, setting a new standard for what we can achieve together. 


Reflecting on this monumental event, we are inspired by the incredible reception to our innovative approach to fashion. At BAÉ, we see every project as an opportunity to inspire and be inspired, continuing to redefine what fashion means in a modern context. Stay tuned as we continue to explore new frontiers in fashion, proving that when creativity is given free reign, the possibilities are limitless. 


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